Quiz: I Want to Learn to Meditate, Where Do I Start?

Quiz: I Want to Learn to Meditate, Where Do I Start?
Meditation is more popular than it’s ever been—and for good reason. With the uptick of scientific research touting its health benefits, beloved celebrities proclaiming their love for the practice, and CEOs and large companies openly discussing how meditation can help productivity and focus, it’s tough to ignore the mindfulness trend.

For beginners though, it can be overwhelming to find your starting point. There are hundreds of meditation programs, styles, techniques, and classes—how do you know where to start?

Your starting point as a beginning meditator will depend on where your interest and experience lies, how you best learn, and your commitment level. It’s common for some people to begin at the point of being curious with meditation and mindfulness, and want to just dip a toe into the practice to see if it’s right for them. Others may try meditation and want to dive right in, create a consistent practice, and integrate it into their lifestyle right away.

This quiz is designed to help you find your “next step” on your journey with meditation. Please choose the response that most closely aligns with how you feel, and we’ll tally up your responses at the end and point you in the right direction.

Question #1: Have you ever tried meditation?

A. A couple of times
B. No, but I’ve heard great things about it
C. Yes, I’ve tried it and am already hooked
D. I recently started meditating every day
E. Not yet, but my doctor (or health care provider) told me it would do me good

Question #2: What’s holding you back from a consistent meditation practice?

A. I’m not really sure if I’m doing it right. I’d like to learn from someone more experienced
B. I have no idea where to start
C. I know I want to start meditating every day, but I need something to help me jump-start my practice—maybe a teacher, class or workshop would help
D. Nothing’s holding me back! I have a consistent meditation practice
E. Perhaps my skepticism. To be honest, I’m not convinced about the whole meditation thing yet

Question #3: Which description of meditation sounds best to you?

A. Uplifting, gets me into the zone, energizing
B. Relaxing music, a soft voice to guide, a theme or lesson to keep my interest
C. Anything spiritual that helps me connect to my truest self
D. I love all kinds of meditation, especially mantra-based meditation
E. The kind that helps improve my health

Question #4: To de-stress, what do you like to listen to?

A. Nothing, I enjoy the quiet
B. I enjoy listening to relaxing music
C. Total silence helps me de-stress, but I also enjoy relaxing music
D. Yogic chants, singing bowls, silence, and relaxing music are all helpful to de-stress; it just depends on my mood
E. I don’t know, I’m not sure how to de-stress (maybe that’s why I should start meditating!)

Question #5: When do you see yourself meditating?

A. I’d like to try meditating every day, but have no idea how I’ll do that
B. When I’m stressed out
C. Every day, maybe twice a day
D. Morning and afternoon
E. It’s hard to picture myself meditating

Question #6: Which of these scenarios helps you learn something new in the best way?

A. In a classroom or group
B. I learn best by doing; I’m not much for classroom settings or watching demonstrations
C. I like to get to know a teacher, ask a lot of questions, and learn in a group with other like-minded people
D. I learn best by teaching others
E. I learn best through repetition and creating habits

Question #7: When you’re walking or exercising, what do you like to focus on?

A. My breath
B. Music, audiobook, or a podcast
C. I try to focus on positive thoughts and affirmations
D. Yoga is my exercise, so normally a yogic breath is my point of focus
E. I just try NOT to focus on the physical discomfort I experience when exercising

Question #8: What do you hope to gain from a meditation practice?

A. Learn to de-stress and find balance
B. Get out of my head, find focus, de-stress
C. Enjoy the present moment more often and gain a deeper understanding of myself
D. I’ve already gained so much; I’m ready to share these gifts with others
E. Improve my health and release stress

Question #9: If you were lost in a new place, how would you find your way?

A. I’d find a map and ask for directions from someone close by if GPS wasn’t available
B. I’d find the closest Wifi connection and ask Google where I was
C. I’d ask around until I got directions
D. Getting lost is part of finding your way
E. I’d call a friend for help if I didn’t have GPS

Question #10: How would you describe your spirituality?

A. You’re curious about spirituality, but don’t really consider yourself a spiritual person
B. You don’t necessarily consider yourself spiritual, but you enjoy learning about affirmations, positive thinking, and uplifting thoughts
C. You are open to exploring all kinds of spirituality and trying new rituals and practices
D. You engage in deep meditation and/or prayer regularly, and like the idea of creating an altar as part of your practice
E. You don’t consider yourself to be a spiritual person, but enjoy learning about different cultures and spiritual practices.

Now tally up how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and E’s you got and click on the button that most closely matches your score.

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