No Dust on the Mirror

No Dust on the Mirror
We spend a good deal of time gazing at ourselves in the mirror with the physical eye, and into the mirror of our mind with an analytical eye, endeavoring in each case to size ourselves up in our own estimation as well as determining how others might evaluate us. Both of these mirrors are clouded with egoic dust, distorting our vision. It is only when we turn our gaze inward with the inner eye of awareness that we can perceive our innate wholeness, for there is no dust on the mirror of the soul.

If we take away wholeness from wholeness, wholeness still remains. Sounds like a Buddhist koan, doesn’t it? Consider this: a consciousness of wholeness reunifies us with our authentic self, so that even during those times when we are unaware of our wholeness, wholeness itself is intact, utterly dust free—only our awareness of it is missing. When awareness returns, we are reunified with the Reality of our being. We are freed from ego’s bondage and its ignorance-soaked history and habits.

Our practice is to become mindful—on the dot—of when we lose sight of our true nature. Everyday experiences grace us with reminders by tapping on the shoulder of our awareness and bringing us back to the qualities we want to express in our interactions with others, with ourselves, with all life. We are given the opportunity to reconnect with the high vision we hold for ourselves in our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, professional, relational and communal life structures.

It serves us to remember that our human incarnation is about mothering our consciousness, just as the universe mothers us throughout our lifetime and beyond. Intelligence, wisdom, intuition, joy creativity—these are the qualities we want to mother within ourselves in order to unveil our original face. We are here to set a conscious intention to evolve, living as the master artists that we are, creating, directing, and producing our lives.

Above all, the more we set aside time for meditation, contemplation, and life visioning, the more we have 20/20 vision in foresight rather than hindsight. Our intuition is activated and we willingly dust off the ego and enter a consciousness of mindfulness and clear seeing. It is through our spiritual practices that we actualize our highest potential for realizing our organic, enlightened state of consciousness.