5 Steps to Creating a Meditation Space, Anywhere

5 Steps to Creating a Meditation Space, Anywhere
Creating a sacred space can be a powerful part of the meditation experience. The right space can invite your entire mind, body, and spirit to relax and be present. When you step into that space, you release the stress and tension of your life and seek clarify, unity, and awareness.

While you might already have a dedicated space in your home for meditation, when you’re out and about, traveling, or just wanting to get out of your house, you no longer have access to it. Don’t let that be an excuse for pausing your practice.

With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can create a space for meditation wherever you are. Follow these five steps to slip into your own meditation retreat.

Find a Peaceful Place

Meditation invites you to set aside life’s distractions. Finding a space that is quiet and distraction-free can help usher you into this sacred time—but of course when you’re traveling or in public, you may not always have that option.

Look around wherever you are and identify a space that resonates with you and offers a sense of stillness and peace. At times, you can find peace amid the hustle and bustle of passers-by. Try looking for some of these unusual and unexpected places to give your meditations a test-drive on-the-go:

  • The corner of the airport, facing away from the crowd
  • A bathroom (even a dry bathtub with the curtain drawn!) at a hotel room you are sharing
  • An unbooked conference room at your office
  • Your car (parked)
  • An alley-way with a view
  • A backyard or park
  • A closet
  • A basement
Whichever place seems like the best fit, trust your gut, start there, and see what happens.

Make It Feel Like Home

There’s probably something special that makes your meditation space at home feel warm, safe, and welcoming. If you know you’ll be meditating away from your home, bring a small piece of it with you. This can be anything that reminds you of your normal space:

  • Meditation cushion
  • Prayer shawl
  • Rock from your first big mountain hike
  • Mala beads
  • Candle from a loved one
  • Sacred book
  • Photo of a majestic view
  • Incense
  • Special blanket
Whatever it is, make sure it travels with you. By having something familiar in your temporary space, your mind, body, and spirit will be able to more easily settle into the experience. It will feel more like home.

Establish Boundaries

Wherever you find yourself, make sure to define the boundaries of your sacred space—physically and energetically. This can help put your mind at ease because you won’t need to pay attention to what’s outside of your space. By drawing physical boundaries, you restrict where your concentration lives, reducing distractions and interruptions.

You can set your boundaries with physical objects or just in your mind. (If you’re in a public place, like an airport, remember to keep your belongings close by and just define the space mentally.) If you have a blanket, this can provide a physical boundary that others can see and respect as well.

Create an Intention for the Space

Once you have your space set up, offer prayers of gratitude and protection over the space. Your dedicated space at home has already been established as sacred ground. Bring the same intentionality to your temporary space.

Focus your intention on gratitude—on the fact that you are able to create a space where you can meditate and connect with your Higher Power. Gratitude is a powerful antidote to negativity and false beliefs, and can create a welcoming presence for meditation.

Then, ask for protection over your space, that you might be able to meditate safely and peacefully. Claim that this is a sacred space where negativity and evil have no place. Ask that the space be defined instead by comfort and belonging, allowing your mind, body, and spirit to rest and connect in peace.

Listen to Soothing Music

Nothing sets the stage for an experience quite like lighting and music. These two components have the ability to connect you to your senses and in ways other elements simply cannot. Since you most likely won’t have the ability to control lighting if you’re in an unfamiliar place, focus on setting the mood with music.

Download music or nature sounds that are soothing and restorative onto your phone or mp3 player and travel with headphones. Once you’ve created your physical space, sit down and turn on that music.

Since meditating on-the-go can often be accompanied by noise, listening to soothing music for 3-5 minutes will help you relax your mind, body, and spirit and help ease you into your meditation practice. If you enjoy silence during your meditations, you can turn off the music after a few minutes and begin your meditation—although, you may consider meditating to your restorative soundtrack if the volume in your physical space is too distracting.

While you may not be in the comfort of your own home or have the comforts of a familiar setting, you can still create a sacred space on the go. Follow these steps next time you’re in need of meditation and are away from your normal routine.

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