4 Steps to Host Your Own Global Meditation Viewing Event

4 Steps to Host Your Own Global Meditation Viewing Event
Have you heard all the buzz about the 2nd Annual Global Meditation for Compassion? Deepak Chopra, Trevor Hall, and Gabrielle Bernstein are hosting the world’s largest synchronized meditation on July 11 at 9 a.m. PST. You’re not only invited to join (for free!), we’re also making it super simple to host your own meditation event.

Hundreds of groups will gather in nearly every country in the world to meditate over one common intention—COMPASSION.

Take a stand for compassion. Organize a yoga class. Invite people over for tea. Gather in a park. Play music. Enjoy connection. Whatever your plans may be, connect with one another and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world on July 11, as you watch the 2015 Global Meditation for Compassion in a community setting.

  • A yoga class, plus global meditation viewing event is registered in Spain
  • A group of musicians are set up to join the broadcast, then play music and dance in Mexico
  • In Germany, a group is projecting the global meditation broadcast at a theatre
  • In Australia, a group of committed souls will be gathering in the middle of the night to share the silence and watch the broadcast
  • In Ethiopia, a community is gathering to meditate and celebrate over dinner and tea
What will your group do to celebrate?

Why Gather in a Group?

We gather with family and friends at holidays; we celebrate couples ceremoniously when they unite in marriage; we host Super Bowl parties so friends can join us for the big game. We like to share experiences and celebrations with one another, and meditation is a beautiful way to create community and connection .

There is power in numbers and creating shared intentions. Coming together with a shared intention can have profound impacts on our lives, our communities, and our universe. No matter the size or scope of the group meditation or intention, the idea is to plant seeds—big or small—for a better world.

4 Steps to Set Yourself Up as a Host

  1. Sign up for the Global Meditation
  2. Create your own event by registering your location
  3. Invite your community to register for the online event and join you for your local viewing event.
  4. Set up for your event and experience the power of a global community coming together to create a better world.
Do you need help setting up an event in your city? We’re here to support you. Send an email to and we’ll respond shortly.