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Chopra Global And Alicia Keys Partner With Clubhouse In Support of New 21-Day Meditation Experience, "Activating The Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness"

Chopra Global, the leading whole health company founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra is partnering with Clubhouse to amplify the free 21-Day Meditation Experience: “Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness” with GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, author, activist & entrepreneur Alicia Keys and wellness pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra.

The 21-Day Meditation Experience franchise first launched in 2013 and has since become a global phenomenon with millions of participants and meditation groups around the world. Chopra and Clubhouse will bring together their mindful communities in a daily room that will feature open dialogue guided by Deepak, Devi Brown, and special guests.

The partnership kicked off May 22 at Felicia's Dinner Party and will continue daily from May 24 to June 13 in the Chopra Club room, "The Path to Wholeness," at 5pm PST. The daily room will be centered around the concept of Satsang – a sacred gathering – to discuss the program topics around the Divine Feminine and wholeness, meditation, and self-care.

Chopra room guests will be invited to meditate with Alicia and Deepak on Chopra's latest audio meditation experience, "Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness,” easily accessible from a tablet, computer, or the Chopra App for iOS. The special audio experience brings focus to the energies of the Divine Feminine, helping listeners find harmony with the feminine and masculine energies within all of us – returning to peace in mind, body, and spirit to restore wholeness and create more joyful and fulfilling lives. Join the journey by following the Chopra Club on Clubhouse and registering for the free meditation program at

Deepak Chopra on the Divine Feminine:
"For thousands of years our culture has been dominated by what we call male energy. When we talk about the Divine Femininne we talk about energies like beauty, intuition, nurturing, affection, tenderness - this is what we need in our culture right now. If you look at all the wisdom traditions from Africa, Egypt, Greek mythology, Indian wisdom traditions, from indigenous people, they always invoke what we call the Divine Feminine."

"This is the need of the hour at the moment. Right now we are facing a world full of violence and contention. We need the Divine Feminine."

"Meditation is going beyond our thought to the space between thought; in that stillness, there is already the balance between the masculine and feminine. Meditation allows us to bypass the conditioning of our cultural mind, which is thousands of years old. Societies have always been patriarchal."

Alicia Keys on the Divine Feminine and the new 21-Day Meditation Program with Chopra Global:
"The Divine Feminine lives in all of us. The Divine Feminine is the more compassionate side of ourselves; it is the strength and wisdom of vulnerability. It's also the deep understanding of Mother Earth. It represents the more compassionate, nurturing, growing, molding, evolving, feeding side of ourselves."

"When I open myself up to meditation, I start to find pieces of myself I didn't know that existed before. And I definitely found a certain strength and a certain intuition and knowing that was missing."

"I've been on that journey. And as the world has progressed and continuously tests all of us and our sanity, it feels more important than ever to dedicate time for yourself, to nurture yourself and to pour into yourself, so that you can continue to be brilliant, be creative, take care of not only yourself but the people around you."

"This particular 21-Day Meditation is a really simple and easy way in. It applies to everyday life. A lot of it is about breaking down the old, archaic thoughts."