Using Aromatherapy to Balance Your Kapha

Using Aromatherapy to Balance Your Kapha
Kaphas are calm, steady, and reliable when their dosha is balanced, but as soon as they fall off kilter, Kaphas can slow down to the point of inactivity. This means they can be sluggish, have a hard time motivating themselves, and can struggle with weight gain, allergies, and even depression.

Aromatherapy is one way Kaphas can reinvigorate their dosha and get back on track.

Not a Kapha?

The energy and information you take in through your senses influence the quality of your thoughts and emotions. Smell is the most primitive of the senses, triggering a strong connection between aromas and your memories, emotions, and instincts. When you smell something, you actually absorb some of its molecules. Because of this, aromatherapy can be an effective form of natural medicine.

Many people have experienced powerful results using this ancient practice, including relief from migraine headaches, joint pain, skin rashes, anxiety, insomnia, and many other physical and emotional conditions.

Tap Into the Power of Neuro-Associative Conditioning

The linking of a particular smell to an emotional state is known as neuro-associative conditioning, a technique that can be used to activate your inner pharmacy and increase your body's healing response. For example, if each time you sit to meditate you diffuse a sandalwood fragrance, you’ll soon learn to associate the feeling of relaxation with that aroma.

Which Aromas Are Best for You?

For someone whose primary dosha is Kapha, warm, spicy, and stimulating aromas are generally the most balancing. These aromas include …

  • Camphor
  • Juniper
  • Eucalyptus
  • Marjoram
  • Clove

Aromatherapy Techniques

One way to use aromatherapy is to place about 10 drops of an essential oil in hot water and allow the scent to fill the room for a half hour. You can also use an electric aromatherapy diffuser or a candle-powered aroma pot. Portable diffusers that plug into USB ports are available now too, so you can use them at your desk. And if you have a USB port in your car, you can transform your daily commute from a dreaded event to a healing experience.

Aromatic oils are also used in Ayurveda as part of steam therapy. You can try this at home by placing a few drops of oil on a towel in a hot shower and spending a few minutes bathing your body in the aromatic steam.

You can also carry the scent with you by placing a drop of the oil on the back of your hand or wrist and inhaling the scent periodically. The pure oil itself can be diluted with carrier oils such as olive oil, jojoba, or grape seed oil. Experiment with the combinations and create your own essential oil mixtures for your daily Abhy or self-massage.

Explore for yourself and see which aromatherapy techniques work best for you.