Astrology and the Doshas

Astrology and the Doshas
In Ayurveda, we assess our unique mind-body type by identifying our predominant dosha. The doshas are comprised of the five elements, and are called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The predominant dosha indicates our unique energy patterning that manifests as our physical, mental-emotional, and relational characteristics and tendencies.

The planets and constellations that are part of Vedic astrology also embody the qualities of the doshas. Here is a listing of the planets and the doshas they primarily manifest:

Vata Pitta Kapha
Saturn Sun Jupiter
Moon Mars Venus
Rahu Ketu

*Mercury can indicate all three doshas are in balance or out of balance.

Wellness is enhanced when the doshas are in a dynamic state of balance. Disease and suffering are generated when the doshas are out of balance. Learning the qualities of our predominant dosha, and practicing meditation specific to our dosha tendencies can help us attain more balance and wellness. Here are three examples:


When Vata is out of balance, it means too much air, and results in excess movement and ungroundedness on both the inner and outer levels of our lives.

What to Do: Practice a grounding meditation to activate more balance. If sitting still while meditating is difficult, then consider going with and harnessing the excess movement by practicing a walking meditation. As you move, you with find that with time, it’ll be easier to cultivate more focused attentiveness while walking. After a time, you will also be able to practice sitting meditation.


When Pitta is out of balance, it means too much fire, and results in excess heat and combustion that activate too much intensity, frustration, and aggressiveness.

What to Do: Practice a cooling meditation to activate more balance. Consider practicing a self-compassion meditation formally at least one time each day, plus informally generate loving-kindness throughout the day whenever you experience hyper-alertness or excessive passion, or when you witness others behaving in an overly dominant or aggressive fashion.


When Kapha is out of balance, there is too much earth, and this results in excessive “couch potatoness” that activates lethargy and dullness.

What to Do: Practice a stimulating meditation to activate more balance. Consider practicing mindfulness each day. As you practice consciously recognizing your sensations, emotions, and thinking, you will kindle your attentiveness that will clarify and energize your desires and intentions, which can lead to more action.

To learn more about your dosha and how astrology plays a role in your life, schedule a Vedic astrology consultation. A Vedic astrologer can analyze which planets and constellations are strongly affecting you, identify the dosha that is primarily influencing you, and offer ways to help you find balance.