Hello, I’m
Wendi Cohen

Chopra Center Certified Instructor
Wendi brings years of experience to the field of wellness, mindfulness and meditation. She is a Certified Chopra Center instructor and coach and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Services. In 2005, Wendi found meditation and Ayurveda on her own path to healing. Because of this, she became passionate about helping others to heal and transform. For many years, she served on the Chopra Center event team and then as the Program Manager and host for the Chopra Center's signature program, Perfect Health. Wendi has been a dynamic and instrumental force in guiding thousands of guests from all over the globe. As a Chopra Center Certified instructor, she has taught guests in both private and group classes in both Primordial Sound Meditation and Ayurvedic Lifestyle classes. Wendi has a reverence for life and a deep sense of gratitude for her rewarding and meaningful work in the wellness industry.