Hello, I’m
Linda Cera

Certified Instructor: Yoga, Meditation
Greetings! I am Linda Cera, certified in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and Primordial Sound Meditation by the Chopra Center, and I enjoy expanding my meditation and yoga practice with various workshops and trainings. It is my privilege to teach chair yoga, lead meditation, and teach Introduction to Meditation at the Chopra Center.

Although I had a strong yoga asana practice for many years, I didn’t actuallyexperience the union of mind, body, and spirit until my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs changed and I discovered chair yoga at the Chopra Center. The transition from a typical mat practice to practicing chair yoga started with surrendering judgment and gradually evolved from acceptance into appreciation and love for my body. Because of this increased feeling of joy and wellbeing, I am passionate about sharing chair yoga.

Yoga is about listening to your body and making the most nurturing choice. Chair yoga offers many options and can benefit people who have physical issues or are recovering from injury or surgery. Chair yoga is also ideal for people with limited space or time to practice yoga or for those of us who spend too much time sitting down!

Join me and experience the many benefits of chair yoga. Don’t feel limited by your age, inexperience, or physical condition–all you need to practice yoga is to breathe!