Hello, I’m
David Chergosky

Vedic Educator
David Chergosky is a Chopra certified Vedic Educator having completed trainings in Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Education and Primordial Sound Meditation with the Chopra Center. A student of the wisdom tradition of Vedanta, he has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and studying under Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon since 2007.

He finds great privilege in aiding the deepening of mind body spirit unity for guests of the Chopra Center through his weekly yoga classes as well as through guiding group meditations and lectures on the nature of the mind body spirit.

Certified in multiple styles of yoga, David continues to study new styles as a personal passion and is proud to serve the Chopra Center through applying this passion as a Seven Spiritual Laws yoga instructor. His classes are a mixture of inward reflection on the state of one’s self and the development of body centered awareness that aims to cultivate a deeper sense of wholeness and inspiration by enlivening the spirit through the practice of yoga.

David lives in Carlsbad, California practicing as a yoga and meditation instructor to the Chopra Center as well as conducting personal wellness consultation as a certified Chopra Certified Instructor in the surrounding community.