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A healthy life starts with healthy habits. But when it comes to building new habits, where do you even start? There’s always a never-ending stream of recommendations from the latest experts. It’s confusing and intimidating. How do you know what’s right for you?

That’s where we fit in. We’re empowering personal transformation for our collective well-being. And we’re keeping it simple, because it’s based on what works for you.

At Chopra we don’t just see you—we understand you. As the original integrative health experts, we blend modern well-being practices with Ayurveda - a centuries-old system of health and healing - to offer a whole-self approach. By focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual health, we empower people to create self-care routines as unique as they are, unlocking their body’s natural healing abilities.
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What do you need?
Create your own self-care plan
Well-being on-the-go
Access hours of expert-led self-care content, including our wildly popular meditation challenges.
Enrichment on your schedule
Our online masterclasses have helped thousands deepen their mindfulness practices.
Become a well-being professional
Receive an internationally recognized certification to teach well-being to others.
In-person retreats for community connection
Soon our retreats will be back and better than ever—with exciting new programs built by the world’s leading voices in health and well-being.
History of Chopra
We’re just getting started
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