10 Shower-Free Ways to Freshen Up Post-Yoga

10 Shower-Free Ways to Freshen Up Post-Yoga
You really want to fit in that yoga class before heading off to work, or before meeting friends out for happy hour, but you just don't have the extra time to freshen up after. When you’re rushing from one place to the next, trying to maintain some semblance of a work-life balance, some things, like a post-workout shower may need to get sacrificed.

Even if you don’t shower, though, you can still do a quick clean before you leave the yoga studio or gym. To get the best of all worlds, all you have to do is a set of your favorite travel size products in a small toiletry tote, and toss it in your yoga bag.

Here are 10 shower-free ways to freshen up post-yoga, whether you’re heading to a business meeting at the office or a night on the town with friends.

Wet Wipes: For a quick micro-rinse wherever you may need it, carry a pack of wet wipes. They're also great for make-up removal pre- and post-asana.

Deodorant: This one speaks for itself.

Q-tips: Never underestimate the value of Q-tips. Drag along the under-eye with some moisturizer for a quick touch-up, and use for soggy ears after a hot yoga class.

Moisturizer: Your pores are open after a good yoga class so it’s important to hydrate with an all-natural moisturizer to replenish your skin. After all, your skin is the biggest organ and you just gave it a good sweat.

Splash of Body Spray or Essential Oil: Carry a light body spray or mix your favorite essential oil into your moisturizer for some mood enhancing aromatherapy and a little fragrance.

Change of Fresh Clothes: A quick change of clothes is necessary if you've just poured out of a hot yoga class. If the class was more restorative, simply throw a loose-fitting blouse over your yoga pants and you're ready to hit the road. Oh, and don't forget your undergarments and shoes.

Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo (by Kevin.Murphy): Dry shampoo gives hair a little lift and it smells so good—you'll feel like you just came from the salon.

Rock the Donut Bun: If your hair is a sweaty mess (dry shampoo first), roll it up in a classy, or messy, donut bun and you’ll be ready for work or play. BONUS: You can also keep a travel flat iron in your yoga bag in the event you need to cruise with hair down.

Illuminating Powder (by Pür Minerals), Mascara and Lipstick or Gloss: Brighten your face with a touch of illuminating powder for a dewy look, add a light brush of mascara to widen your eyes, and dab a little color pop on the lips for a radiant look in a flash.

Electrolytes (Hydrate packets by Vega): Last and definitely not least, dump a travel pack of electrolytes in your water bottle to hydrate and rebalance your body's PH, and to regulate heartbeat, and nerve and muscle function.

All it takes is 10 minutes to freshen up after rolling up your mat.