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Chopra Global Launches Journey to Well-Being Rooted in Ayurveda

The Chopra Meditation & Well-being App will host a free, ongoing cycle of curated programming from Deepak Chopra and friends to inspire well-being throughout the year and beyond

NEW YORK, NY (January 12, 2022) – The start of the new year marks a new vision of possibility and personal wellness for individuals across the world. Staying aligned with the mission to empower personal transformation for our collective well-being, the Chopra Meditation & Well-Being App is launching “Journey to Well-Being,” a free, evergreen, guided experience that’s anchored in Ayurvedic teachings featuring monthly programs and tools to navigate personal wellness. The App is free to download with a premium subscription available to deepen your practice through additional content and personalization based on your unique mind-body type.

Journey to Well-Being comprises monthly themes addressing all aspects of life and is designed to offer an intuitive on-ramp to self-care along with customized practices for a more meaningful experience and impact. Ayurveda, a traditional 5,000 year old healing system, translates as “the science of life,” and provides a framework for taking care of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health by empowering the inherent healing power that lives within all of us. As a personalized lifestyle medicine, Ayurveda considers health to be a state of wholeness—the dynamic and balanced integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Sessions are hosted by Deepak Chopra and both well-known and emerging voices in the wellness space that embody each monthly theme. Collaborators include Devi Brown, Ismael Cala, Mallika Chopra, Lalah Delia, Sarah Finger, Dr. Amishi Jha, Londrelle, Apolo Ohno and Kimberly Snyder with others to be announced. In addition to this exclusive programming, subscribers to the app are able to personalize their journey through their unique Ayurvedic dosha, or mind-body type, receiving guidance on creating daily and seasonal routines to support their path. The programming adds to the App’s already robust offering, which includes 500+ meditations, self-care advice from wellness pioneers, and personalized tracking. Because well-being is an ongoing process, Journey to Well-Being will persist beyond 2022, with evolving themes, talent and practices that are thoughtfully designed to allow participants to experience lasting transformation.

“Given the state of the world, personal health and well-being are now more important than ever,” said Mallika Chopra, CEO of Chopra Global. “The Chopra Meditation & Well-Being App is designed to be a companion guide to improve your life. I couldn’t be more excited to take this Ayurvedic journey with you all.”

Programming covers thematics of Intention (January), Healthy Mind (February), Health Body (March), Spiritual Growth (April), Work (May), Creativity and Play (June), Purpose (July), Resilience (August), Abundance (September), Environment (October), Self-love (November) and Connection (December). Each free monthly program is delivered through a series of 4-6 sessions that are designed to be approachable and short format so that a user can experience simple self-care practices in less than ten minutes.

In addition to the programming offered via the Chopra Meditation & Well-Being App, Chopra also offers meditation, health and coaching certification programs, as well as retreats that are aligned with and support the goals and lessons embodied in Journey to Well-Being. Please visit to learn more about Chopra education programs and for more information about Chopra retreats.

The Chopra Meditation and Well-being App is available now on iOS and will be launching on Android in early 2022. To learn more about the Chopra App or to join the Android wait list please visit

About Chopra Global: Chopra Global is a leading integrative health company that is empowering personal transformation for millions of people globally to expand our collective well-being. Anchored by the life's practice and research of Dr. Deepak Chopra, a pioneer in integrative medicine, Chopra Global's signature programs have been proven to improve overall well-being through a focus on physical, mental and spiritual health. Chopra Global has been at the forefront of health and wellness for more than two decades with a portfolio that includes an editorial archive of more than 2,000 health articles, expansive self-care practices and meditations, a comprehensive and mobile app, masterclasses, teacher certifications, immersive live events and personalized retreats. By providing tools, guidance and community, Chopra aims to advance a culture of well-being and make a healthy, peaceful and joyful life accessible to all. For more information, interact with the team on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.