Hello, I’m
Bridgette Boudreau

Chopra Center Coaching Program Development Manager
Bridgette Boudreau is a Martha Beck Master Life Coach and serves as a consultant for conscious businesses. She's the former CEO of Martha Beck Inc., where she developed and oversaw the life coach training program, transformational retreats, and various courses and products.

As a life coach, Bridgette's clients include executives, professionals, noteworthy persons, and those who are looking to create meaningful, purpose-driven lives—and have some fun along the way. Bridgette believes that people are inherently whole and capable, and that the way to connect to their innate true nature is not by adding some mysterious missing component to themselves, but by subtracting the counterproductive thought patterns and programming they’ve picked up along the way. Her style is gentle yet incisive, and intuitive yet profoundly practical.

Prior to her work in personal development, Bridgette spent 15 years in various corporate marketing leadership roles, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.