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Ever wonder what your yoga teacher is thinking about while you’re striking a pose and taking a deep breath? Their thoughts might just surprise you—and at least make you laugh. Welcome to the mind of the deeply flawed and hardly perfect yoga teacher. Brace yourself, and please try not to laugh too...Read More
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Ever encounter yogis who look like they're floating in air regardless of their weight? This is core strength. Learn about Bandha-centered awareness and six poses to strengthen your core.Read More
Create moments of pure awareness when you meditate on the seventh chakra. The more time you dedicate to this practice, the more often you will feel unconditional love, kindness, and compassion for yourself and those around you.Read More
Located in the area of the third eye, the Ajna chakra connects you to your center of intuition. When open, it can help you make good decisions and even protect you from potential harm.Read More
Many yoga classes today focus mostly on postures, but the physical movements are only a segment of yoga's wider teachings. A quick look at some of the philosophy can help you identify where there may be gaps in your practice.Read More
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