Vedic Astrology

Astrology and the Doshas
Our predominant dosha indicates our unique energy patterning that manifests as our physical, mental-emotional, and relational characteristics. The planets and constellations that are part of Vedic astrology also embody the qualities of the doshas. Find out how understanding your primary planetary dosha will help you live a more balanced life.

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Mind-Body Health

Discover Your Purpose

How often do you ask yourself, What is my purpose or my life’s plan? How can I discover and manifest what is most important to me? When providing Vedic astrology consultations, I am often asked these questions. My answer is, “Let’s take a look at what your birth chart reveals about your deeper self and the path you’re traveling so we can discover more about your inborn tendencies, known in Sanskrit as swadharma.

Marty Cottler, Ph.D.
Mind-Body Health

Winter, Stress, and Vedic Astrology

During the dark winter season when there is a limited amount of light, it is especially important to reconnect with friends and loved ones and with our deeper self. Reconnecting gives us emotional nourishment, enlivens our mind, and expands our experience of the inner light of consciousness. While forming the intention to reconnect may feel easy, many of us find it difficult to follow through and get stuck in old stressful patterns.

Marty Cottler, Ph.D.