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Eckhart Tolle - Practicing The Power of NowPracticing The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – Eckhart Tolle is rapidly emerging as one of the world’s most inspiring spiritual teachers, sharing the enlightenment he himself experienced after a startling personal transformation. His views go beyond any particular religion, doctrine, or guru. This book extracts the essence from his teachings in The Power of Now, showing us how to free ourselves from “enslavement to the mind.” The aim is to be able to enter into and sustain an awakened state of consciousness throughout everyday life. Through meditations and simple techniques, Eckhart shows us how to quiet our thoughts, see the world in the present moment, and find a path to “a life of grace, ease, and lightness.” *Shipping charges apply.


The Chopra Center's Organic Detoxifying TeaOrganic Detoxifying Tea – Toxins (ama) accumulate in our bodies as a result of improper diet, stress, and environmental pollutants. Ayurveda recommends the use of specific herbs and spices to aid in the elimination of physical and emotional ama, allowing our mind-body to return to a natural state of balance and health. The Chopra Center Ayurvedic Detox Tea was formulated with this principle in mind and its flavorful blend was carefully selected to help increase your metabolism, reduce inflammation, and aid your body in the elimination of toxins. *Shipping charges apply.


The Chopra Center's Detoxifying Abhy OilDetoxifying Abhy Oil –This Ayurvedic detoxifying massage oil is carefully prepared with a nourishing blend of organic jojoba, organic sunflower, organic safflower and sesame and almond oils. This ingredient base is then infused with the Ayurvedic herbs haritaki, bibitaki, brahmi and dashamula. Anti-inflammatory botanicals such as turmeric, amla and neem and essential oils of lavender, sweet orange and rosemary are then added, making this exquisite detoxifying oil suited for all mind-body types. * Shipping charges apply.


Martha Beck - Diana HerselfDiana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening (Bewilderment Chronicles) by Martha Beck* – In this exuberant allegory, bestselling memoir and self-help author Martha Beck takes readers into the wild parts of the world and the human psyche. The story of Diana, Herself helps every reader chart a course for awakening to greater joy, adventure, and purpose. *Shipping charges apply.


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