Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

What are the steps required to attend the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher training program?

There are various steps to be completed before attending the certification program. A detailed list of the required items is available on the Process section.

Are there any additional requirements?

Yes. Two more:

  1. Due to the physical nature of yoga, we ask that all of our yoga teachers become certified in CPR and provide a copy of your certificate to us.
  2. These requirements can be met before, during, or after the residential part of the training, but must be completed in order to receive your Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga certificate.

Is this program compliant with the Yoga Alliance?

Yes, we are a registered school with the Yoga Alliance. Our program is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour compliant program.

Can I become a yoga teacher if I'm not very flexible?

We like to say that the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga program is for every body. This yoga teacher training focuses on what your body and mind can do in each moment. All levels, styles, and body types are welcome.

After I have completed the requirements, when do I start the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher training?

The yoga teacher training begins with Part A, a six-day preparatory residential training program. Part A includes daily lunches, course materials, yoga classes, meditation, asana practice, mantra study, Vedic philosophy, Sanskrit study, chanting, anatomy classes, and various discussions guided by Chopra Center staff members. After Part A, you begin the at-home study portion of the teacher training program.

What is the home study portion of the training?

The two-month home study is to be completed between Part A and Part B of the residential trainings. During this two-month home study, teachers in training will need to participate in at least 30 hours of yoga practice, instruction, study and research with the materials provided by the Chopra Center. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga faculty members will be available during your two-month home study period via email and live teleconferences.

What happens during Part B of the teacher training?

At the final six-day certification residential program, participants must demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of the curriculum, including teaching the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga classes. This component of the training program includes daily group meditations with practice of the sutra technique, daily yoga classes, lectures, group study, individual presentations, testing, marketing guidance, and Chopra Center instructor policies. Participants will also develop expertise in facilitating the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga classes. There will be written and oral testing.

When will I receive the Home Study Kit?

The Home Study Kit will be shipped to you after the enrollment process is completed.

How long will it take to become certified?

All participants will have 18 months to complete the program after receiving the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Home Study Kit. You will receive a certificate after you have completed all the requirements for graduation.

What does it mean to be a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga certified instructor?

TheSeven Spiritual Laws of Yoga certification allows instructors to teach yoga classes throughout the world.

What is my relationship with the Chopra Center once I become certified?

As a certified instructor, your relationship to the Chopra Center will be that of an independent contractor. You will be able to set up, market, and teach courses in a manner and frequency that suits your schedule (subject to a few basic guidelines).

What kind of support will the Chopra Center provide?

The Chopra Center will provide a representative to assist you during your certification process and after you become certified. The Chopra Center will also provide marketing materials and support you in promoting your classes in addition to listing you on the instructor referral pages on our website. In addition, the Chopra Center provides a monthly web conference and a monthly newsletter to help you stay connected.

Are any discounts available to me once I am a Certified Instructor?

Yes. You will receive discounts on certifications, programs, events, retail products, spa treatments, and other signature offerings.

Does the Chopra Center offer teacher incentives?

Certified instructors receive commissions for referring their students for enrollment in Chopra Center programs as well as an assigned representative to assist them with this process.

What is required for Continuing Education?

The Chopra Center requires that certified yoga teachers maintain and continue to develop their yoga practice and teaching. In order to maintain your certification, you are required to attend one of the following events every two years: Seduction of SpiritJourney into Healing, or Perfect Health Program. Discounts are available.