Perfect Health Certification Teacher Training Process

To qualify for the Perfect Health certification program, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Enroll – Complete, sign, and submit the application forms.
  2. Daily practice (two times a day) of Primordial Sound Meditation technique learned in your community or at a Chopra Center event.
  3. Daily practice of yoga and Ayurvedic principles.
  4. Enroll in, attend, and complete the Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat as a participant.
  5. Enroll in, attend, and complete the Journey Into Healing workshop as a participant
  6. Enroll in, attend, and complete the six-day Perfect Health signature mind-body wellness program at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California, as a participant.
  7. Complete the Perfect Health home study process. Estimated time of concentrated study is approximately 85 hours. The Home Study kit will be shipped to you following completion of one of the prerequisites and after the enrollment process is completed.
  8. Complete a telephone interview with Chopra Center staff.
  9. Pass the at-home, online, open-book pre-tests. These tests must be completed and passed 30 days before the start of the scheduled Perfect Health certification program.
  10. Participate in required Teachers Path conferences by phone or web in preparation for the Perfect Health certification program.
  11. Participants have 18 months after acceptance to the program to complete the Perfect Health certification program.
  12. In order to maintain your certification, you are required to attend one of the following events every two years: Seduction of SpiritSilent Awakenings,  Journey into Healing, and Perfect Health program. Discounts are available.

Click here to download the application package.

Click here to download the program syllabus.