8 Yoga Poses That Inspire Gratitude

women doing yoga child's pose

Gratitude can be practiced any time of the year. Practice these yoga poses to inspire you to be more grateful for the people in your life and for your own journey.

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10 Rules for Hands-On Yoga Adjustments

Yoga teacher adjusting a student in yoga class

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga instructor or new to the practice, offering hands-on adjustments can be intimidating. Follow these simple tips to help make the experience more comfortable for everyone.

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How to Just Be You During Yoga Practice

woman in childs pose on yoga mat

Everywhere you look, people are trying to get validation as to whether or not they fit in. Your yoga practice is no exception. Learn how to honor yourself where you are in your yoga practice.

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5 Beginner Yoga Poses for Seniors

Senior man doing yoga

If you’ve reached senior status and you’re not already practicing yoga, now’s a good time to begin. Here are five yoga poses that can help improve balance, relieve joint pain, and restore strength and flexibility as you age.

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6 Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

seniors taking yoga class

Seniors, who often struggle with pain, joint stress, imbalance, osteoarthritis, and other physical limitations, can benefit from incorporating a yoga practice into their daily routine. Here are some of the reasons.

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