Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup. Photo Credit: April Duckworth
Warm Up with Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup
Cozy up with this soup as the days get a little shorter and evenings get cooler. This sweet potato and black bean soup is not only delicious, but provides healing Ayurvedic properties and boosts immunity with the combination of ginger, garlic & onion. It also includes a cashew cream sauce, which can be grounding and satisfying as we enter the Fall season.

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Ayurveda and the 6 Tastes of Life

As a Western-trained physician, one of the things I appreciate the most about Ayurveda is the wisdom and depth of its nutritional recommendations. Going through medical school, I didn’t learn how to teach people to eat a healthy diet that supported all aspects of our physiology and physical health. I not only struggled to help my patients in this area, but I struggled with my own diet and didn’t know which fad to follow. When I first learned about Ayurvedic nutritional guidelines, it was a game-changer for me, my family, and my patients.

Dr. Sheila Patel