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Want to achieve greater health and well-being this summer? Download the Summer Renewal E-book from Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sheila Patel, then use it with the free Summer Renewal series in the Chopra App. Inside, you’ll tips to balance your dosha and stay cool and calm during the warm summer months.

E-book overview
Did you know the seasons affect your mind and body (aka your dosha)? Summer is Pitta season, which may cause a buildup of heat in the body that can lead to heartburn and inflammation, irritability, intensity, and more. The way you eat, drink, and even exercise can help you find the balance your body needs.

Use this free e-book as a complement to the free Summer Renewal series in the Chopra App to learn how to balance your Pitta energy this summer.
Here's what's inside...

Your connection to nature

Learn about the five elements of Ayurveda and how to tune into nature's rhythms to find cool and calm this summer.

How to eat for balance

Explore Ayurvedic nutrition principles to help you thrive during Pitta season.

How to cool off when you get hot

Practice a cooling breath and mantra meditation to soothe and balance Pitta.

Adjust your routine to stay balanced

Learn how you can create daily habits to support you throughout summer.


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