Chopra Center Style Guide

This Chopra Center Style Guide guarantees our seal of approval and is a promise of excellence. It acts as a central location in which to house a live inventory of our brand guidelines. By staying familiar with this style guide and following its guidelines, you ensure all assets you create best represent our brand and mission.

It is our hope that this style guide will contribute to a high level of professionalism and consistency throughout all Chopra Center design assets, helping to convey the deep respect our employees have for our site visitors, center visitors, teachings, and content.

Use the following five words as an inspiration, guideline, and foundation to create inspired assets that best represent The Chopra Center. These words describe who we are as a brand and how we translate that into imagery, and should resonate within each project:

Authentic – Genuine, real, in alignment with our core values.
Creative – Unique, imaginative, reflecting original thinking.
Timeless – Enduring, always applicable, not trendy.
Inspired – Uplifting, motivational, effective.
Intentional – Purposeful, story-driven, relevant, deliberate.