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Ask Dr. Sheila: How Ayurveda Supports Resilience
For the Ask Dr. Sheila column, Dr. Sheila Patel, Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer, answers questions from our community. If you have a general question for Sheila around health and wellness, please send an email to, and your question may be the one she answers next.

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A Holistic Psychiatrist’s Tips for Reducing Burnout and Enhancing Resiliency

A great professional goal is to love what you do and feel invigorated by doing it. I, personally, am constantly evolving my career so it meets (or comes close to) these objectives daily. There were times in my life, however, when this goal was definitely out of reach. During my medical training I experienced several episodes of burnout, with fatigue, disenchantment, and an intermittently despairing mood. This caused me to embark upon a multi-year mission to heal myself and transform my career into something I could genuinely love and successfully manage without losing my balance.

Kayse Budd, M.D.
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¿Con Qué Frecuencia Deberías Meditar?

Naciste completo, puro y perfecto desde el momento en que respiraste por primera vez. Viniste a este mundo completamente inocente, curioso y lleno de emoción, y con el paso de los años, capas y capas de experiencia te llevaron a tu condicionamiento. Desarrollaste valores, personajes y creencias fundamentales que comenzaron a moldearte en la persona que eres hoy, al menos, la persona que crees que eres hoy.

Tris Thorp