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Detachment: a Skill, a Practice, and a Way of Life
Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be obtained only by someone who is detached. - Simone Weil

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Savasana or corpse pose

Why Savasana Is the Most Important Yoga Pose

Savasana can be thought of as the most important pose in yoga, yet some people skip it or shorten its duration. If you practice asana (postures), then this last pose of the sequence is very significant and bolsters the effects of all the postures that come before it. Savasana allows you to be in a deep and profound state of awareness, as the body relaxes and integrates your practice and your life.

Heidi Spear
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Personal Growth

Cinco Señales de Crecimiento Espiritual

De todas las formas en que uno puede crecer, la mayoría están marcadas por aspectos externos (por ejemplo, hacerse más rico, más exitoso o con una familia más numerosa) y otras se conocen por su comportamiento y actitud, por ejemplo, volverse más feliz, más amoroso y más maduro. El único tipo de crecimiento que es totalmente silencioso, oculto e invisible es el crecimiento espiritual. El Bhagavad-Gita dice que incluso alguien que está iluminado no puede ser reconocido por señales externas.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Personal Growth

Forgiveness as a Spiritual Practice

Enlightened teachers of every faith have exemplified a willingness to let go of anger, resentment, and vengeance toward those who have harmed them. Major world religions extol the practice. Yet, how does one move from the anger of injustice to the peace of forgiveness? What happens to feelings of rage, sadness, disappointment, or anger stemming from an offense?

Erin Easterly
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Deepak Explica el Significado Más Profundo del Yoga

En las últimas dos décadas, el yoga ha pasado de un relativo anonimato en Occidente a una práctica bien reconocida que se ofrece en miles de estudios, centros comunitarios, hospitales, gimnasios y clubes de salud. Aunque el yoga se presenta comúnmente como una tendencia popular de acondicionamiento físico, en realidad es el núcleo de la ciencia védica que se desarrolló en el valle del Indo hace más de cinco mil años.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Personal Growth

How to Get Unstuck from a Spiritual Rut

Have your spiritual beliefs and practices become stale? Do you sense that there is something more that you could be doing to bridge the gap between metaphysical theory and spiritual experience? If so, you are likely experiencing a spiritual rut. The good news is that a spiritual rut is a pathway to transformation. It is a rebirth of sorts, with the death of old conceptual frameworks and the rebirth of your true self.

Erin Easterly
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Personal Growth

Using Vibration to Support Your Spiritual Growth

Everything in the world is alive with energy and vibration, moving through us and around us every day. Many aspects of our modern world keep us disconnected from this natural flow of energy. We move through our days distracted, busy, and full of noise. Yet, when we give ourselves a moment to pause and simply be, we can feel the pulsing of energy coursing through us, permeating our individual being and all that surrounds us.

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Personal Growth

Five Signs of Spiritual Growth

Of all the ways you can grow, most are marked by externals—growing richer, more successful, or with a larger family, for example—and others are known by your behavior and attitude—for instance, growing happier, more loving, and more mature. The only kind of growth that is totally silent, hidden, and unseen is spiritual growth. The Bhagavad-Gita says that even someone who is enlightened can’t be recognized by external signs.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.