Quiz: What’s the Optimal Next Step on Your Spiritual Path?

Embarking on a spiritual quest can be exhilarating! But it can also feel confusing (and even daunting!)—as if you’ve gotten into a very small boat and set out on the ocean in search of unknown lands.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey—so you will continue to grow and expand—and you’re stuck as to what that step should be, this quiz will help you find your way.

Choose the response that most closely aligns with how you feel, and we’ll tally them up at the end.

Q1: Which activity has had the most positive impact on the overall quality of your life?

  • A: Lifestyle shifts that involve nutrition, yoga, and/or other self-care practices.
  • B: Establishing a regular meditation practice.
  • C: I’m still searching for that meaningful practice.

Q2: Which statement resonates with you most?

  • A: I want to improve my physical health and well-being (i.e. feel more energetic, get better sleep, manage my weight, improve a particular health condition).
  • B: I want to be more calm and centered (i.e. manage my stress, make better decisions, have a clear mind).
  • C: I know there’s got to be something more out there, but I’m not sure what it is. I need help finding it.

Q3: How clear are you about your true purpose?

  • A: I feel pretty certain that I’m meant to contribute something meaningful to the world that’s related to health—whether it’s through my career or a hobby.
  • B: I feel pretty certain that my purpose is somehow connected to meditation and spirituality.
  • C: I’m not really sure. I have a lot of interests, but I don’t think I’ve identified what my true purpose is in life.

Q4: How interested are you in helping others?

  • A: I would love to help others experience better health and well-being.
  • B: I love to share what meditation has done for me and think it would be rewarding to help others on that path.
  • C: For the next step on my path, I feel I need to connect with myself in a deeper way before making the decision to help others.  

Q5: When you’re seeking to understand something new, which environment suits you best?

  • A: I enjoy learning a variety of ways: online, classroom, and independent study.
  • B: I learn best online from the comfort of my own home, while still being able to connect 1:1 to my teachers and fellow students.
  • C: I enjoy immersive experiences and being physically present with a community of like-minded people.

Now tally your results, keeping track of how many A, B, and C answers you selected. Then click the appropriate button below to discover the ideal next step on your spiritual path.

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