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Kaphas are warm of heart and steady of mind. When Kapha builds to excess, however, they can become sluggish and even depressed. Learn the physical and emotional characteristics of this dosha and what you can do to keep it in balance.Read More
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Yoga can help you maintain balance in your dosha. Learn which poses suit you.Read More
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Find out which herbs are best to help balance Kapha and promote a dynamic integration of mind, body, and spirit.Read More
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The practice of self-care is essential for balancing all of the dosha types. For Kaphas, the key to good self-care is stimulation and movement.Read More
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If your primary dosha is Kapha or if you are suffering from Kapha imbalance, check out these five therapies to get you thriving.Read More
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Aromatherapy uses smells to relieve pain, ease anxiety, and more. Learn how warm, spicy, and stimulating aromas can balance your Kapha dosha.Read More
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There is at least one element in nature that can help each dosha heal. Whether you need to balance Vata, cool Pitta, or energize Kapha, Mother Nature can help.Read More
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Kaphas possess many wonderful qualities that arise from the combination of earth and water elements. While sometimes Kapha types are teased for being “too slow” or set in their ways, Kaphas are extraordinarily kind, accepting, and strong.Read More
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Routines can help keep your body and mind in a balanced and peaceful state. Since Kaphas are prone to being sluggish when out of balance, try this easy-to-follow daily routine to stay energized and keep yourself on your toes.Read More
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You may feel a bit out of sorts when transitioning to a new season. Eating according to your dosha, and slightly changing your diet for each season, can help you feel balanced. Here are specific foods you can incorporate—and two recipes, to boot—that can support you during springtime.Read More
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