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7 Ways to Inspire Love in Your Life

February is a month that celebrates love in all its manifestations, including romance, intimacy, acceptance, passion, forgiveness, friendship, joy, ecstasy, and communion. This is also the second month of the new year, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be reflecting on some of the intentions you have set to expand your experience of love, happiness, and connection in 2013.

Traci Porterfield

Creating Inspired Moments

Scientists estimate that, on average, we have 60,000 thoughts every day. The majority of these thoughts are repetitive thoughts that we’ve had countless times before. But once in a while, a distinctive moment occurs in which an original or even exceptional thought crosses our mind. We have an idea or a stroke of insight that opens us to new possibilities and transformation.


How to Break Out of a Rut

In every moment of our existence, we have access to an infinity of choices. As a result of conditioning, however, most of us tend to act in predictable, repetitious ways. The process is like driving a car down the same dirt road many times. Over time, the wheels carve out ruts in the dirt and the car automatically follows the path we’ve taken before. It’s the path of least resistance, and while it may serve us for a while, if we forget that we can always choose other roads, we may find ourselves stuck in a well-honed rut. In the ancient Vedic tradition, this is known as the Law of Karma.


Three Small Shifts to Feel Good All Day Long

True health and wellbeing is a lifestyle that does not happen overnight. It is a series of gradual, subtle shifts. A gentle unfolding of a more balanced existence. One could certainly spend hundreds of hours reading, attending seminars, practicing, falling off the wagon, getting back on said wagon, and continually striving to get it “right.” While walking the path toward wholeness isn’t always easy, it can and should be simple. Forget where we want to be ten years from now. By making small, daily shifts that allow us to feel good in this very moment, we open ourselves up to unlimited vitality, wellness and abundance.

Sara Harvey