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Changing Careers to Understand Holistic Success: Part 2
Many people are finding themselves changing careers during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period. This two-part article series explores how three professionals prioritize health, wellness, and spiritual development as their careers transform from what was to what is.

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Mind-Body Health

Seeking Balance—Finding Your Life’s True North

In our quest for total well-being, there is one principle, one guiding pillar that, like a lighthouse will always lead us back to our most natural state of calm and centered well-being. That principle is balance. Balance is the sense of equilibrium between all the influences, elements, and forces we experience in our lives. It’s the well-proportioned state between the opposites of rest and activity, work and play, day and night, hot and cold. In physiological terms, balance is reflected in the homeostatic stability that helps to ensure the optimal functioning of our body.

Adam Brady