Processing Emotions

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The Benefits of Therapy
I will never forget the moment I decided to become a therapist. After a bout with art history and a laughable stint in the political science/pre-law department, I found myself sitting in an "abnormal psychology" class. I am positive they don’t call it that anymore because, what actually is “normal”? Anyway, I could see so much of myself in the pages of the “abnormal psychology” textbook. I could see so much of my past and how it was showing up in the way I moved about in the world.

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Personal Growth

A Therapist’s Confessions: A New Consideration On Your Healing Journey

I have heard it all. “Isn’t that what friends are for?”, “Why would I pay someone to listen to me complain?” “What good is it going to do to dig up the past? I’m fine.” And my personal favorite, “(insert coping skill here): it’s cheaper than therapy!” Yup. I am a therapist. And these are some of the common themes that I hear from friends, family, and the checkout person at my local grocery store when I am asked what I do for a living and I begrudgingly respond.

Monica LeBlanc, MS, LCMHC
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Personal Growth

Making Peace with Your Shadow Side

As a holistic psychiatrist many of my patients ask, “How can I love myself more?” Our inability to love and accept ourselves plays a large role the mental health crisis on the planet. We reject our appearance, our abilities in mind or body, our challenging personality traits, our family backgrounds, the conditions of our upbringing, our jobs, our bank account, and our relationship status. Most of us feel we are just never enough.

Kayse Budd, M.D.