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Don’t feel discouraged if you feel you haven’t been as productive as you'd like—COVID-19 is uncharted territory. There are little things you can do to help make the best of this time as you work from home.Read More
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While COVID-19 touches everyone in different ways, you play a part in keeping those around you healthy and safe. Here’s how you can do your part while maintaining your well-being.Read More
What is self-compassion? It’s pretty simple: giving yourself the same unconditional acceptance, kindness, empathy, and TLC that you would extend to another person you care about. Here’s how you can start cultivating it.Read More
Is it possible to move through a global pandemic and a personal sense of uncertainty while retaining an undercurrent of joy? The short answer is yes.Read More
In times when people are struggling with their health, finances, loneliness, and tragic circumstances beyond their control, it might seem simplistic or patronizing to encourage them to be more positive. Here’s why it’s crucial to stay positive right now.Read More
While the coronavirus has canceled an assortment of athletic events, it cannot cancel the spirit and identity of an athlete.Read More
Dr. Sheila Patel, M.D., takes time to reflect on her life’s purpose and encourages others to do the same.Read More
During a crisis that only deepens over time, some choices become clearer than they are in normal times. The choice I’d like to present today is between thinking and awareness. Thinking is active, and we spend our lives caught up in mental activity in the form of thoughts, sensations, and feelings...Read More