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DIY Wind Chimes
We could all benefit from a little more peace in our lives. And, one way to invite more calming energy into your home is through sound, particularly the relaxing sound of wind chimes. Much like attending a sound bath, listening to wind chimes can have a soothing effect on the mind, helping to lower stress levels and feelings of anxiety as well as improve mood. On top of inviting peace and relaxation into your space, wind chimes are also believed to attract positive energy and ward off back luck.

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How to Keep Your Peace During Uncertain Times

Our outside circumstances will shift and change throughout our entire lives. Our relationships, work, living situations, and health will inevitably evolve in ways outside of our control. You will likely experience periods when life feels challenging and overwhelming, but cultivating a strong sense of equanimity and connection to self allows you to navigate the ups and downs of life and inevitably return to a state of peace.

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7 Pasos Para Establecer Una Práctica de Meditación Diaria

Hay pocas razones para negarse a uno mismo la poderosa actividad de la meditación. La investigación ha encontrado que la práctica puede proporcionar una amplia gama de beneficios para la salud al prevenir el deterioro de la estructura cerebral relacionado con la edad, aumentar la capacidad de memoria y regular tu estado de ánimo para ralentizar el proceso de envejecimiento, reducir la inflamación crónica y aumentar la inmunidad.

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