AM Routine

For inner clarity, peace and joy

• Settle into a sacred space where you will not be distracted.

• Take a full dropper of your Clarity Tincture, you may mix it with a beverage of choice or place under your tongue to prepare your mind for the day ahead.

• Take a small amount of your Ayurvedic Body Oil and warm it between your palms to ctivate the herbs. Breathe in the therapeutic aromas to awaken your senses and root you in your body and the present moment.

• Begin your daily guided practice.

• Complete your morning journal prompts.

PM Routine

For divine rest and relaxation

• Take a full dropper of your Serenity Tincture, you may mix it with a beverage of choice or place under your tongue to promote calm and relaxation before bed.

• Complete a recapitulation practice in your journal to release the day and prepare for sleep.

• If you have a little extra time in the evening, take a small amount of your Ayurvedic Body Oil and gently massage your feet, paying attention to each toe, and the spaces in between. This simple practice goes a long way in improving your sleep quality.


30-Day Ritual Care Program

Listen to your 30-day Ritual Care guided audio program (included in your kit) on the web or on the the go, with the Chopra App. In the App you can find this under Purchased Meditations on the homepage.

Use the email address provided at checkout to sign into your account. If you did not have a Chopra account already, we created one for you upon purchase. Please reset your password before you download and install the app.

Get to know your Ritual Care products

  • AM + PM

    Ayurvedic Tinctures

    These AM and PM tinctures contain powerful mindful adaptogenics used in Ayurveda for centuries to promote holistic well-being. Physician formulated with Ginseng and Brahmi, the Clarity Tincture focuses your mind for the day ahead while the relaxing blend of Ashwagandha and Rosemary makes the Serenity Tincture the perfect way to unwind and end your day.

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    Ayurvedic Body Oil

    This physician formulated Ayurvedic oil is designed to restore the body, balance the mind, and revitalize the spirit through powerful healing herbs and aromatherapy blends. Each blend has been created to support one of the three unique mind-body types, known in Ayurveda asdoshas.Try ending your day with a warm oil massage to promote calm and relaxation.

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  • 30-DAY

    Ritual Care Journal

    Chopra's Ritual Care Journal is your daily reflection tool. Begin by taking the self-assessment at the beginning of your journal to set a baseline for your road ahead. Find 30-days of sweet and short AM + PM prompts to check in, practice gratitude, set an intention, and reflect along the way. Then, complete your journal with a final self-reflection to gauge your progress.

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