Renew & Restore Detox


Everything you need to support your detox


14-Day Guided Audio Program with Dr. Sheila Patel

In this complementary audio program, Dr. Sheila Patel will guide you through the preparation week and the detox week with daily lessons on what to expect and tips on how to alleviate any symptoms of detoxification you may be having. You will also receive meditation, breathwork, and self-massage practices to enhance your experience.

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Recipe Booklet

The menu plans in this booklet were created to help you receive the greatest benefits from your detox. You can follow the suggested menus for each week or create your own, using the principles discussed in the program.

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Grocery List

This grocery list includes all of the ingredients you’ll need for the Cleanse Week. Keep in mind that you will be using many of the same ingredients for the Preparation Week and Cleanse Week, so once you have stocked up on the staples, such as the spices, herbs, oats, etc., you won’t need to purchase them again.

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Journal Prompts

Go deeper with these journal prompts curated for each day of your detox.

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Yoga Flow

Join Deepak's personal instructor, Sarah Finger for a restorative yoga flow to support your body through mindful movement.

This practice is recommended daily throughout your detox.

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Dosha Quiz

Take the dosha quiz to discover your unique mind-body type, then personalize your experience with tips and practices for balance.

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