Meet the creators of Healing Through Music

Bruce BecVar

Bruce BecVar is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and composer renowned in the realm of acoustic guitar music. With a notable career spanning several decades, he has produced and recorded 14 CDs on his label Shining Star Productions. Notably, Bruce's music has left a significant mark on the New Age and healing genres. He is famously associated with the three-album series "The Magic of Healing Music," commissioned by Deepak Chopra. Beyond music, Bruce also established himself as a skilled guitar builder, attracting recognition for his intricate instruments. A seeker, a healer, and an artist, Bruce BecVar crafts music that resonates deeply with people's lives, evoking feelings of upliftment, serenity, and joy. For him, the process of composing and recording is a spiritual practice, a meticulous journey of translating creative impulses into recordings that capture the essence of the original inspiration.

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Brian BecVar

Brian BecVar is an accomplished keyboardist, composer, songwriter, and producer with an impressive musical journey. Renowned for his collaborations, Brian has toured and performed with a stellar lineup. A prolific composer, Brian's compositions extend to film and TV, producing and scoring music for independent films and major sports channels. Over the years, he has embarked on diverse solo projects spanning jazz, classical, and world music. Teaming up with brother Bruce BecVar and Deepak Chopra, Brian co-created the acclaimed 2003 healing music album "The Magic Of Healing," inspired by Ayurvedic traditions and principles, that continues to inspire worldwide. Brian’s artistic vision revolves around creating serene environments that enhance individuals’ quality of life, nurturing peace and balance in their everyday surroundings. From this vision, SerenityStream was born, a cross-platform meditative nature video streaming app that features breathtaking landscapes and music from around the world.

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