Free Fall Remedy Program & E-book

Want to achieve greater health and well-being this fall? Discover tips to staying grounded and relaxed this season with Fall Remedy, a free 4-part program with Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sheila Patel, plus receive the complementary e-book.

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Did you know the seasons affect your mind and body (aka your dosha)? Fall is Vata season, which may cause a build up of space and air in the body that can lead to irregularities with digestion, difficulty sleeping, and a general feeling of being ungrounded, anxious, or restless. The way you eat, drink, and even exercise can help you find the balance your body needs.

Use this free program and e-book to learn how to balance your Vata energy this fall.

Here's what's inside...

Your connection to nature

Learn about the five elements of Ayurveda and how to tune into nature’s rhythms to stay relaxed and grounded this fall.

How to keep the fire burning

Learn how to balance your body with nutrition and enjoy a guided visualization to support your digestive fire.

How to support your mind

Practice a healing mantra meditation and self-massage to ground and balance Vata.

Adjust your routine to stay balanced

Learn how you can create daily habits to support you throughout fall.

Your guide to fall

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