Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a complete listing of the most frequently asked questions about the Total Mind-Body Detox online course and The Total Wellbeing Workshop: A Whole-Soul Approach to Wellness that Works Webinar.

Q. How do I enroll in the Total Mind-Body Detox course?

A. Simply fill out the form on the sales page. We will email you a confirmation that you have successfully registered for the course and detailed instructions on accessing the course.

Q. How do I access the course?

A. Once you complete the enrollment process, go to  and log in with your Chopra account. The course will appear in the purchased courses area and on the "My Courses" section on your dashboard. Make sure to use the same email that you used to purchase the course to sign into your Chopra account. 

Q. When can I register for the course?

A. The registration window is open now through Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

Q. How is the Total Mind-Body Detox program different from other detox programs?

A. Unlike other detoxes that require fasting or deprivation to cleanse the body, the Total Mind-Body Detox is a gentle and easy system, created by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Sheila Patel. The detox combines the wisdom of ancient healing Ayurvedic traditions with the newest discoveries of modern medicine, helping you experience mind-body-spirit well-being. The course provides a five-week, hands-on, in-depth system that gently cleanses the body so that you can experience greater health, ease, and joy in your life. 

Q. What are the benefits of the Total Mind-Body Detox?

A. The benefits of this detox are both physical and mental. You may have fewer aches and pains, sleep more soundly, have improved digestion, feel more patient, and have more energy and vitality overall. 

Q. What kind of preparation will I need to do for the Total Mind-Body Detox?

A. We will guide you through all of the preparations necessary to participate in the Total Mind-Body Detox, including a pantry cleanse, shopping guides, meal plans, and recipes.

Q. Who should not participate in a detox?

A. You should not do a detox if you are pregnant, nursing, have undergone major surgery within the past 8 weeks, taking blood-thinning medications, are very sensitive to herbs and supplements, or have severe digestive issues (ulcerative colitis, IBS, GERD). If you are still unsure whether you should participate in a detox, please consult your doctor. 

Q. Which of Deepak Chopra’s books is this course based on?

A. The Total Mind-Body Detox is loosely developed from content in Deepak Chopra’s book Perfect Health, as well as What Are You Hungry for?

Q. How many sessions are there and what are their release dates?

A. There are five sessions in the Total Mind-Body Detox course. Here are the session release dates:

  • Session 1: What Is an Ayurvedic Detox? - Tuesday, March 21
  • Session 2: Preparation - Tuesday, March 28
  • Session 3: Cleanse - Tuesday, April 4
  • Session 4: Rejuvenation - Tuesday, April 11
  • Session 5: Cultivating Health for Life - Tuesday, April 18

Q. How long is each Total Mind-Body Detox session? How long is the total course?

A. While everyone will learn and integrate the teachings at his or her own individual pace, it will typically take about four hours to complete each session – for a total of 20 hours for the entire course. That includes time spent watching the videos, doing the exercises, reading the supplemental materials, writing in your journal, and listening to the live calls.

Q. How do the live calls work? It says there is a live Q&A. Does that mean I will be receiving a phone call? Do I call in to be part of the call?

A. You will receive call-in details via email in advance of each scheduled live Q&A call. If you submit a question (prior to the call, via the Community forum or Facebook group) you may be chosen to ask it aloud during the call. If you do not submit a question or your question is not chosen, you will still be given access to listen to the live Q&A call.

Q. When are the live calls and how long do they normally last?

A. All live calls last anywhere from 40 minutes to just over an hour.

  • Pre-recorded Welcome Call - Tuesday March 21 at 9 AM (Pacific)*
  • Live Q&A Call #1: Dr. Sheila Patel - Tuesday March 21 at 5:00 PM (Pacific)
  • Live Q&A Call #2: Dr. Sheila Patel - Tuesday March 28 5:00 PM (Pacific)
  • Live Q&A Call #3: Dr. Sheila Patel - Tuesday April 4 at 12:00 PM (Pacific)
  • Live Q&A Call #4: Dr. Sheila Patel - Wednesday April 12 at 12:00 PM (Pacific)

*Welcome call is pre-recorded.

Q. What happens if I miss a live call or a session release during the Total Mind-Body Detox course?

A. Don't worry. Once a session is released you will be able to access it at any time. Once the live call is over, it will be recorded and added into the Live Calls section of the course, where you can listen to it as many times as you would like.

Q. Is participation in the Community forum or Facebook Group required?

A. No, participation in the Community forum or Facebook Group is not required. However, the private discussion forum is designed to help you integrate the course more deeply. We encourage you to ask questions and receive support from others on the same journey.

Q. How long will the course be available for me?

A. You will have lifetime access to the Total Mind-Body Detox course.

Q. I am not very technologically savvy. Can I still do the course? What do I need to participate in the course?

A. Yes, absolutely! If you can navigate a simple web page you should have no problem accessing the Total Mind-Body Detox course. All you need is an Internet connection to access the course. Since there is streaming video, a broadband connection is recommended.

Q. Is the Total Mind-Body Detox course mobile-friendly?

A. Yes, you may enjoy the full course experience from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Q. My order is not going through. I need technical assistance.

A. We're sorry you're experiencing difficulty. Please contact our customer care team at

Q. If applicable, when will my card be charged if I select the 2-payment plan?

A. You will be charged the first increment of $223.50 when you purchase the course, and the second increment 30 days thereafter. Please note that there is a $50 processing fee for payment plans.

Q. Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with a Chopra Online experience?

A. Yes, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Chopra Online experiences. You may request a refund from the time of your purchase through the first week of the course. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at to request your refund. Please allow up to 30 days to receive a credit.

Q. If  I'm eligible for a bonus, when will I receive it? 

A. You will receive an email with details to redeem your bonus prior to the start date of the course.

Q. I am not able to listen to The Total Wellbeing Workshop: A Whole-Soul Approach to Wellness that Works at the time I signed up for. Do I need to re-register for another time?

A. Yes, please re-register for the event time and date you prefer so you will be sure to receive all access details for the event.

Q. After registering for The Total Wellbeing Workshop: A Whole-Soul Approach to Wellness that Works I did not receive an email with information on how to listen to the webinar. What do I do now?

A. Please make sure that Chopra Center is on your safe sender list and also check your junk email folder to see if the email was accidentally sent there. If you don't see the email with event details, please email our customer care team at or call 760.494.1688.

Q. I am unavailable to listen to The Total Wellbeing Workshop: A Whole-Soul Approach to Wellness that Works on the day of the event. Will there be some way for me to hear it at a later time?

A. Yes, we will email you with a link to the recording a few days after the event has occurred.

Q. Can I receive continuing education credits for this course? 

A. We do not offer continuing education credits for this course at this time.This course is for your own enrichment and is not part of a continuing education or certification program.