The Quest Technology Overview

Welcome to the first live webinar of The Quest!

We are delighted to be joining you and hundreds of other participants from throughout the world for this experience of coming home to your true self, which is pure love, unbounded peace, and radiant happiness. In this informational webinar Dallas Brown will be going through what you can expect on these live webinar calls and answer any questions you may have for the course. Please feel free to submit a question in the form below and she will do her best to answer it.

Please follow the instructions below to join the webinar.

*Important*- There are a limited amount of phone lines. To guarantee that you will be able to listen to the call please join via webcast.

To listen via webcast: Please press the silver “play” button. You will hear music up to 15 minutes before the call starts. The call will start at promptly 12 PM. If you do not hear anything please refresh your page and/or make sure your volume is turned up.

To listen via phone: Please call the dial in number located above in red. Then enter the conference Id #. If you are not able to connect, please try the backup number or try listening via webcast.

To listen via skype: Please follow this link with instructions to listen via skype

To listen to the recording of the webcast, please click the play button below. NOTE: there is a short music introduction that lasts a couple minutes.