The Quest: Spiritual Solutions for Creating a Life You Love

Discover the Most Effective Way to Dissolve Your Problems and Live Fully

(Hint: It’s not your problems that have to shrink; it’s your consciousness that must be expanded.)

Somehow life always manages to dish out difficult problems. It doesn’t matter who you are.

How you meet your challenges does. In fact, how we respond to stress has been well documented to affect both the quality and the longevity of our lives.

But most of us have only been taught to attack our problems using the intellect. We resolve to figure it out. We analyze, scrutinize, and agonize, worrying about circumstances beyond our control and what may or may not happen in the future.

In the end, we either focus on doing more and trying harder, exhausting ourselves in the process . . . or, we withdraw as frustration, resignation, and a sense of hopelessness take hold.

That’s why world-renowned expert on mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, and the best-known life coach in the country, Martha Beck, PhD, developed The Quest: Spiritual Solutions to Creating a Life You Love – offering a radically different and infinitely more effective approach to solving problems so you can dissolve them for good.

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, or powerless and think you don’t know what to do about problems pertaining to money, relationships, health – or even a crisis of spirit – you’re invited to take The Quest, an online journey to discover the wildly effective and enthusiastic problem solver in you.

Once Your Awareness Expands, New Answers Will Appear

What’s become clear to Deepak and Martha after coaching thousands of people from all over the world is that everyone who feels stuck or in pain is suffering from the same underlying problem: a state of contracted awareness.

As Albert Einstein put it, "No problem can be solved at the level of awareness from which it was created."

In The Quest, Deepak and Martha, will show you how to raise your level of awareness so that solutions to even your most difficult problems begin to flow to you effortlessly, like never before.

Here’s how it works . . . in The Quest, you’ll discover how to:

  • Recognize that your problems aren’t random – they’re present because a larger purpose is trying to unfold through you.
  • Become aware of your unique purpose – so you become like an architect with a set of blueprints for constructing a life you truly love.
  • Be the hero of your own life – able to face problems of any nature and size with undeniable enthusiasm and unshakable confidence.

Here's What Graduates of Their Courses Say about Deepak and Martha

"Martha’s message contained wisdom that my spirit needed. And now three years later, I am in awe of the transformation in my life – getting off the streets and clean from drugs, enrolling in college, becoming an honors student, and earning six scholarships. Martha’s work has been a constant companion all along the way." Wade S.

"Dr. Chopra instilled in me the fact that we are just a speck of dust in a bigger picture. It took me to a new level of understanding of the cosmic universe. I too agree there is no coincidence."Tina W.

"Martha, your work has been instrumental in transforming my life. I am now a coach and am living with such joy that it sometimes takes my breath away."Gemma M.

"I love Deepak and would love to spend a day, even an hour, inside his mind. I cannot imagine what it feels like to know and understand all he knows."Barbara W.

The Quest: Week-by-Week Course Overview

Here's a closer look at everything you'll cover:

Session 1  I  What is a Spiritual Solution?

  • Experience less fear and confusion and more clarity and confidence – until every day starts to feel wildly exhilarating.
  • Find freedom from the painful struggle between your critical self and the part of you that needs love and compassion.
  • Become grounded in the truth that you were meant to exist in peace.

Session 2  I  Loving Relationships

  • Approach relationships from a centered, peaceful place instead of getting stuck in knee-jerk reactions that cause conflict and pain.
  • Express yourself in your relationships with ease.
  • Let go of dysfunctional patterns, including projection, judgment, and codependency – and awaken to your natural state of wholeness.
  • Discover the beauty of your true self, whom you may never have seen before.

Session 3  I  Radiant Health and Well-being

  • Discover the five pillars of health and begin to cultivate them in your life.
  • Tune into the wisdom of your body to reduce fear, pain, and discomfort.
  • Activate self-repair, healing, and homeostasis in the body.
  • Dissolve unhealthy habits in the body that are contributing to pain and disease.
  • Discover the key to managing all of your emotions with ease.

Session 4  I  True Success

  • Move beyond any limiting beliefs about who you are and what is possible in your life.
  • Know what you want to create most in your life – and how to get it.
  • Open to the flow of abundance, creativity, joy, compassion, and love.

Session 5  I  Unbounded Personal Growth

  • Be introduced to your wise, “future” self who makes no mistakes and has the answer to all of life’s problems.
  • Become intimately connected to your true, infinite nature.
  • Feel at peace with uncertainty, ready to embrace the gifts of the unknown.
  • Be inspired to continue on your quest in peace, experiencing yourself as love, light, and pure awareness.

Course Materials and Resources

When you register, we’ll send you everything you need to take full advantage of the course, including:

  • Access to 30 video teachings by Deepak Chopra and Martha Beck.
  • Private discussion forum, so you can share your experience with other course participants.
  • A library of session resources, including dozens of articles, journal prompts, visualizations, recommended readings, guided meditations, and practice exercises for download.


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Psychology Today, USA Today, and NPR have all referred to Martha Beck as “one of the best-known life coaches in America.” She is a columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine, has been a contributing editor for Real Simple, Redbook, and Mademoiselle, and has written... Read More