Letter from Deepak

Dear Friend,

You and I have something in common – a deep desire to expand our own self-awareness and to help others move from constriction to expansion.

Even so, you may not see yourself as a Primordial Sound Meditation teacher yet.

In fact, a lot of people mistakenly believe that teachers and leaders are born, and not made. But there is actually no real evidence for that. More realistically, leadership is a quality you discover in yourself, not by a sudden revelation but by a series of steps. Each step leads to the same conclusion: "I can do this." As you meet one challenge after another, you grow into leadership.

When you walk down the path of becoming a Chopra Center Certified Instructor, the journey is exactly the same. Step by step, with support and guidance all along the way, you will become masterful at practicing and sharing these powerful, life-changing techniques, and emerge from the program with newfound confidence that you have something truly valuable and important to share with the world.

Under my guidance, you will be well trained by our team of nurturing, knowledgeable master educators in a leading-edge method of instruction that has empowered tens of thousands of people to begin and sustain a meditation practice.

This is a rare opportunity for you to now become trained and certified as a Chopra Center Primordial Sound Meditation Certified Instructor — so you can expand your awareness and create meaningful change in your own life as well as in the lives of others.

If you feel called to deepen your own connection to these powerful teachings or to make a meaningful contribution to others, I invite you to join our international community of highly trained, heart-centered teachers by registering for The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation Certification Program.

I would be honored to have you with us.

Deepak Chopra