Fran Benedict

Health and Nutrition Counselor

Fran Benedict is a certified health and nutrition counselor and the founder of She has been on a path of health promotion and behavior for more than 15 years and loves discovering new ways to bring attention and intention into everyday life. She believes in the extraordinary power of the mind to create a quality of life every person deserves, with an emphasis on the relation to oneself as the foundation for everything else.

A member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Fran enjoys supporting a range of health-promotion initiatives from multi-week wellness programs in the corporate setting, to nutritional educational programs for non-profit organizations, to the collaboration and execution of global initiatives that promote mindfulness in the technology age.

Fran loves friends, family, nature, organic gardening, cooking, running, yoga, meditation, swimming, camping, exploring, photography, dancing, and not taking herself too seriously. 

Articles by Fran Benedict

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