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How to Use Mindfulness to Prevent Burnout at Work
For most professionals, the feeling of burnout is a familiar one. The energy that once filled your workday slowly trickles away. You notice your efficiency slip but cannot find the inspiration to regain it. The fatigue settles into your body. You can feel it in your back, your temples. Even if you entered your profession with lofty inspirations and a sense of fulfillment, you notice your inner dialogue around your job becoming increasingly negative. Experiencing burnout isn’t a reflection on you or your professional worthiness. It’s a consequence of a culture that encourages people to put work ahead of their personal needs. According to a recent trends report from the American Psychological Association, burnout and work-related stress are at an all-time high. That’s why it’s never been more important for professionals to practice mindfulness.

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A Yoga Practice for Joy

Every day we have the power to make choices that are empowering and help us feel our best. We can’t always control how we feel when we wake up in the morning, but we can control how we choose to move throughout the rest of our day. Joy may not always come easy, but it is a feeling that can be cultivated daily with the right practices. Yoga allows us to shift stagnant energy and become more present in the moment, creating space for more joy in our day. Practice this meditation and yoga sequence when you want to shift your energy and lift your spirits.

Gabrielle Marchese
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A Practice for Increased Focus

We have all experienced times in our lives when it has felt hard to focus. With so much going on in the world and all of the distractions of modern life, it is normal to feel like your attention is scattered and to have difficulty honing your awareness on a single task. There are many powerful ways to increase focus and concentration without the extra cup of coffee or relying on stimulants. Breath, meditation, and grounded movement are powerful ways to start improving your concentration. This practice was created to invite a relaxed yet grounded awareness into your body and the present moment. Try this practice at the start of your day to boost concentration and stay in a workflow all day long.

Gabrielle Marchese
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7 Quick Practices to Refresh and Reset at Work

Out of all the environments we explore on a weekly basis, we show up to our workspaces perhaps most frequently. That might be a home office as the shift to virtual workspaces has been abundant in the past few years, or you might be transitioning back to an office or in-person setting. Whatever your workspace looks like, often when you arrive there it’s assumed that the only thing we can do is our work function. Which means that self-care sits on the back burner as we prioritize our production.

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Mind-Body Health

How Shorter Workouts Can Bring Balance to Your Exercise Routine

Shorter workouts have taken over the at-home exercise space with everything from online yoga to Pilates to cardio classes being pared down to shorter increments. For many, this switch-up has been welcomed with open arms, making it even easier to get a workout into a jam-packed day. But, time isn’t the only reason why this workout trend has grown in popularity — it’s the efficacy of a shorter workout that makes it even more appealing.

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Mind-Body Health

Six Principles of Rejuvenating Rest

Quality sleep plays an important role in physical and mental health. Chronic sleep insufficiency increases risk factors for nearly every major disease. Yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control nearly one-third of Americans are habitually sleep-deprived. Prioritizing sufficient, quality rest may be the single biggest step that you can take to stave off disease and promote wellbeing.

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