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Eating for Enlightenment: Why Mindful Eating Matters
One of the best times of day is when it is time to eat. Being fully present during this sacred time of bliss is of utmost importance. What we consume, how much, and what time we eat affects how we digest, along with our sense of wellbeing. Following a few simple guidelines for mindful eating can go a long way in maintaining a robust digestive fire and cultivating a feeling of satiation and contentment. Pure, wholesome foods, when consumed in the wrong state of mind or circumstances, may generate impurities. The following tips for mindful eating can help us stay on track.

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How to Use Mindfulness to Prevent Burnout at Work

For most professionals, the feeling of burnout is a familiar one. The energy that once filled your workday slowly trickles away. You notice your efficiency slip but cannot find the inspiration to regain it. The fatigue settles into your body. You can feel it in your back, your temples. Even if you entered your profession with lofty inspirations and a sense of fulfillment, you notice your inner dialogue around your job becoming increasingly negative. Experiencing burnout isn’t a reflection on you or your professional worthiness. It’s a consequence of a culture that encourages people to put work ahead of their personal needs. According to a recent trends report from the American Psychological Association, burnout and work-related stress are at an all-time high. That’s why it’s never been more important for professionals to practice mindfulness.

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Nutrition & Recipes

Cómo Desarrollar Una Práctica de Alimentación Consciente

“Los principios básicos de la alimentación consciente incluyen ser consciente de los nutrientes disponibles a través del proceso de preparación y consumo de alimentos, elegir alimentos agradables y nutritivos, reconocer las preferencias alimentarias sin juzgar, reconocer y respetar las señales físicas de hambre y saciedad, y usar la sabiduría para guiar las decisiones alimentarias.” –Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD

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The Power of Beets: Add This Veggie to Your Smoothie for Grounding and Nourishment

With the busy, always-on-the-go, lifestyle so many of us have become accustomed to, it’s no wonder many turn to practices such as meditation, yoga, and even art as a form of grounding or recalibration. Grounding — which is also referred to as Earthing — is a therapeutic method that involves realigning the body and mind with the Earth’s energy. Certain exercises, practices, and even some hobbies can promote grounding feelings, but so can the food we eat.

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Nutrition & Recipes

Eating for Health, Longevity, and Vitality

The search for a youth-restoring, health-promoting, vitality-producing elixir is ages old. Yet, food may be the closest you can get to the fabled fountain of youth. Research unequivocally demonstrates that dietary choices have the ability to mitigate the aging processes, improve immune function, protect the body from disease, increase mental acuity, and “reverse abnormal gene activation.” Whether you are looking to regain health, increase energy, bolster immunity, or prevent wrinkles, food is the foundational cornerstone.

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Create a Healthier, More Vibrant Body Beginning Today

Your body is designed to be an energized, vibrant, self-healing vehicle well into your centenarian years. Yet, in our modern lifestyles, the repair mechanisms which promote longevity and health can easily become compromised. The following practices will reinvigorate your body and slow the aging process by increasing mitochondrial density, lengthening telomeres, and inducing cellular repair processes.

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Grow A Better Brain: Enhancing Brain Function After Age 50

It is a common cultural perception that decreased cognitive abilities come in tandem with increased age. Yet, neuroscience tells a different story. Brain research in the field of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change and adapt in response to new stimuli, demonstrates that memory, learning, productivity, and intelligence are adjustable factors rather than fixed points.

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