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Navigating Mental Health During Season Changes
As we come up on nearly 20 months of existing with a global pandemic, the holiday season approaching, and demands of everyday work and life persisting, navigating mental health can feel impossible. All of us are low on capacity, the reality is we all need more than any one of us can give. Because of these fluctuations in capacity, building a network and finding supportive practices might look a lot different this season than they have in the past.

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Awaken Your Spiritual Heart

The physical heart is the organ we are all aware of in the body. It ceaselessly circulates the blood, bringing oxygen and energy to all the cells. The body cannot survive for long without the working of this heart, located in the left chest. You may also be aware of the Anahata or heart chakra, the energy center located in the subtle body in the middle of the chest. For most people this is partially stuck or blocked, leading us to experience physical and emotional challenges. However, the most important heart is the spiritual heart, which is found slightly to the right of the body’s midline. This heart is only visible to dedicated spiritual seekers, whose path is to discover the True Self dwelling within.

Roger Gabriel
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Personal Growth

Mastering the Art of Resilience

Everyone has a certain level of resilience. From time to time, we all experience stress, emotional upsets, and challenges in our lives. Resilience is the ability to withstand these situations, quickly recover from them, and be able to return to balance and harmony. Often our resilience depends on the resources we have to call upon, which could include friends and family, finances, knowledge, and past experiences. But resilience shouldn’t be just about surviving, true resilience opens the door for us to thrive and live life fully. What’s broken can be mended, what’s hurt can be healed and no matter how dark it gets, the sun is going to rise again.

Roger Gabriel