Practice Policies

What happens during a Mind-Body medical visit?

The first session with the physician will involve an intake to evaluate your needs to achieve optimal mind-body-spirit wellbeing.  Although at times further evaluation (laboratories, etc) may be needed, you will leave with initial recommendations to start you on your healing journey. While the physician will try to get a thorough background of what is going on, please note that not all areas may be addressed during the first session. The consultation time may include review of documents and formulation of treatment plan which are not necessarily face-to-face time. 

Appointment times/Pre-appointment paperwork

Your appointment time is reserved for you. Please fill out all requested forms prior to your appointment time, so that it does not cut into your valuable time with the physician. If significant appointment time is spent completing forms, you may need to schedule an additional follow-up at a later time with additional consultation fee.  Please note that the intake form is quite extensive and may take more than 30 minutes to fill out.

The physician is usually able to be on time (+/- 10 minutes); however, if he/she is running late they will try to accommodate you for your full appointment time if needed, unless you are unable to do so.  If you arrive late for an appointment or have not completed required forms beforehand, it will still be necessary to end your appointment as originally scheduled and the charge to you will be the full amount.


Fees are established per half-hour of physician time. Initial consults that are not a part of the Perfect Health program are 90-minutes. Follow-up consultations usually are 30 to 60 minutes.


Payment method is received upon booking to reserve your appointment; however, you will not be charged until the date of your appointment.


The physicians at the Mind Body Medical Group do not “participate” in any health plans and are considered an “out-of-network” physician. In-network physicians are mostly required by contract to see patients for the standard period of time (about 7 minutes) and using only standard-of-care medicine (drugs, blood tests, radiology and surgery).  As a courtesy, we can provide you with a “super bill” with medical coding as appropriate, that you may submit to your PPO insurance company for potential partial reimbursement (please note that HMOs and Medicare do not typically reimburse for our services). Provision of this receipt does not guarantee any reimbursement from your health insurance. 

Should your insurance company require any additional documentation to process your claim, our office will notify you and will request an administrative fee to cover processing and handling, as this is not our standard practice.  We will not provide information to your insurance company without this permission. Due to the nature of our practice, our records and notes may appear different from a standard medical doctor visit. If your insurance company should require any additional information beyond copies of your medical records, our office will contact you as a consultation fee will be assessed for any additional physician time.

The medical receipt we provide may be used with a Health Savings Account or for tax purposes.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

Appointments rescheduled with less than 2 business days’ notice will incur a 10% rescheduling fee. Cancellation with less than 2 business days’ notice will incur a charge of 50%. Please give 24 hour notice of any scheduling change or cancellation. No shows and cancellations made less than 24 hours may result in 100% charge of the service fee.

The reason for this policy is that we have a significant wait list and less than two business days does not provide enough notice to others waiting for appointments. We do not over or double book appointments.

Can I have one of the Mind Body Medical Group Physicians be my primary care doctor?  Do you see patient’s for acute care concerns?

To best serve the needs of our patients, we do not offer primary or acute/urgent care services at this office. We believe that having a team of healthcare providers, each focusing on their particular strengths, can provide optimal care. We encourage all patients to have routine health checkups with their primary care provider and to continue to work with needed specialists. At times, we may refer you to other health practitioners for additional services that we do not provide. 

Do I need to provide all of my health records to the doctor?

If you desire, please only provide health records which are pertinent to the current health condition(s) being addressed at the visit. We do not need a full health record.  After your visit, please only provide health records as requested by the doctor. Please share and/or upload your prior records in the ‘documents’ section of your electronic health record.

How can I follow up with my doctor?

Follow-up consultations can be scheduled with your doctor in-person during available appointment times. Phone or internet follow-ups may also be available if there are no new clinical conditions and you have been seen in-person by our providers in the last 12 months. To best serve your needs, email and phone communication is reserved for brief and limited communications (available within your electronic health record).

Can my doctor communicate with my other healthcare providers or insurance company?

Given your permission, our doctors are able to discuss your care with your other healthcare providers. We do charge an administrative fee for medical records transfer.  Should you need additional professional services, including letter or report writing, reviewing or responding to lengthy emails, consulting with other professionals at your request, preparation of records or treatment summaries at your request, and time spent performing any other service related to your treatment at your request, the usual consultation fee will be charged per ½ hour of physician time.

Can I request my medical records?

An administrative fee will be incurred for release of medical records to you or any designated party.

What is your policy for communicating by email and phone with the doctors?

Because of the nature of email, this is for convenience and should be used for mainly scheduling purposes or brief questions to clarify doctor recommendations. Email should not be used as a way to continue the consultation process. There will be no charge for brief emails or phone calls lasting less than 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of phone or email time, the usual session fee will apply. Calls and emails are returned as soon as possible, however, as our doctors are not onsite daily there may be a delay in response time.  If you do have an urgent or emergent issue, you should contact your primary care provider, urgent care, emergency department or call 911.

All emails and phone calls should go to the Medical Group front office and not to the doctor directly unless specifically requested by the doctor. As we move to a new HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record, all email correspondence will go through this portal. Currently, we do take steps to protect email privacy but if this poses a concern for you, you may wish to limit contact by email. 

Labs and Other Testing

At times the physicians may request that you get laboratory testing to best assess your treatment course. These may be standard labs which your insurance may or may not cover.  Other labs may not be considered “standard” and may not be covered. All laboratory fees go directly to the labs running the tests. We will inform you to the best of our knowledge what the coverage and charges will be for recommended “non-standard” labs, but also encourage you to contact the billing department of the lab company directly if you have any questions.  

When the doctor receives results from the laboratory, we will contact you to set up a follow-up consultation to discuss your results and subsequent course of action.  This appointment may be ½ hour or longer and usual consultation fees apply.

What if I can’t come to the center?

Our doctors are able to offer lifestyle consultations by phone or skype to provide insight and recommendations on lifestyle habits to engage the body’s natural healing ability. These consultations do not include a physical examination, and they are not intended to diagnose or treat specific medical conditions. Guidance you will receive may include recommendations on diet, nutrition, stress management techniques, physical activity, and judicious use of natural supplements. For details, please see our Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations online.

Please refrain from wearing perfume, strong essential oils, cologne or heavily scented products during your visit.

We have many patients with environmental sensitivities and appreciate your cooperation in creating a healing environment.