Intuitive Astrology Sessions

Intuitive Astrology Sessions with Kayse Budd

At the Chopra Center our Intuitive Astrology Sessions are a unique offering that aims to help clients gain deeper insight into themselves and their life purpose. Astrology is an ancient tool that uses complex celestial patterns to relay information about a person's past, their potential future, their strengths, their weaknesses, and more. Recognizing that we exist as part of a larger, interconnected system and are influenced by the energy of these celestial patterns, a person's astrology chart is like a blueprint that codes their life.  Astrology can reveal very useful information about a person's personality, their family dynamics, their possible career choices, their relationships, and where they may want to live geographically for the best chance of success.  It is a fascinating experience to delve into the deeper meaning of one’s life through an astrology reading.  

Highly recommended for:

  • Seekers of self-knowledge/People who love getting to know themselves better
  • People at a cross-roads or with a big decision at hand
  • Individuals who want insight into relationship dynamics or personal challenges
  • Those who want help choosing a favorable place to live
  • Individuals who want insight into their optimal career paths 
  • People who desire extra support understanding the purpose of their lives 
  • Individuals who are curious about upcoming events in their lives and the role the celestial bodies play in bringing change on the planet

Integrative Psychiatry Specialist

Holistic Psychiatrist, Astrologer, Poet, and Educator
Dr. Kayse Budd is a holistic psychiatrist, artist, astrologer, poet, and educator. She’s on the medical staff at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA as a holistic psychiatrist and intuitive astrologer.  Dr. Budd is a graduate of Duke University and University... Read More