Frequently Asked Questions

"Ultimately the best use of a physicians knowledge is to teach people how to heal themselves."
- David Simon, M.D.

Q. What is a Chopra Center integrative medical consultation?

A. Conventional medicine focuses on making precise diagnoses and applying disease-targeted interventions to alter the course of illness. The intention of an integrative medical consultation is to understand sickness in the context of one's life, drawing upon a broad range of approaches to awaken and support a person's inner healing response. Health challenges impact many aspects of a person's life, and many aspects of a person's life can influence illness and the restoration of health.

Q. What can I expect in a Chopra Center integrative medical consultation?

A. During an integrative medical consultation with a Chopra Center physician, your doctor will explore the problem you are facing, the diagnostic and therapeutic experiences you've been through, and your understanding of your health concern. Your doctor will ask you a broad range of questions about your lifestyle, relationships, work, and emotional state, seeking to identify opportunities to awaken healing and transformation.

While taking your history and examining you, a Chopra Center doctor applies principles from both Western conventional medicine and ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old healing science from India. The goal is to understand deeply not only the illness, but also the person facing the health challenge.

Q. What can I expect to take away from the experience?

A. Based upon the information revealed, your doctor will formulate a personalized mind body prescription designed to enhance your natural healing resources. Recommendations will usually include suggestions to manage stress, improve your nutritional status, normalize your sleep-wake cycles, reduce physical and emotional toxicity, and use nutritional supplements wisely. When appropriate, a program of detoxification and rejuvenation may be recommended. Your doctor will help you integrate holistic mind body approaches with your conventional medicine treatments, at times suggesting ways to safely reduce optional medications and supplements.

Our choices are metabolized into our biology. The Chopra Center Medical Staff believes that if we make different choices, we can manifest different outcomes. If you believe that there are choices you can make to enhance your health and vitality, and are seeking reliable and compassionate guidance, an integrative medical consultation will help you become a more conscious and empowered partner on your healing journey.

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