About Our Services

Mind-Body Medical Consultations

Integrative medical consultations* are available as a component of the Perfect Health program or as a stand-alone consult.  

Initial in-person consultations are 90-minute appointments during which the doctor will conduct a thorough interview and perform a physical exam, as necessary. Based on this assessment, you will receive a treatment plan giving you tools to move towards better balance and improved health and wellbeing.  A brief educational session with the physician focusing on your individualized recommendations, stress management techniques and specific nutritional advice is included.  

90-minute Mind-Body Medical Consultation: $520

Integrating the theoretical frameworks of Ayurveda and modern science, integrative medical consultations are whole-person health care appointments. When you come for a consultation, your doctor will take a complete medical and lifestyle history and perform a physical examination that looks at the body both as a physical system as well as a field of intelligence, reflecting the needs and choices of your life. Based upon this assessment, your doctor will work with you to formulate a personalized body-mind-spirit health-enhancing prescription, including recommendations on diet, stress management, exercise, emotional healing, nutritional and herbal supplements, and other therapeutic treatments. If indicated, appropriate laboratory testing or specialty consultation will be suggested.

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Phone or Skype Consultations

Initial phone/Skype consultations with our physicians focus on Ayurvedic lifestyle balancing techniques, taking into account your individual medical conditions, and do not include assessment by physical exam or an educational session. 

Consultations are beneficial for a wide variety of issues and conditions including: digestive disorders, insomnia, mood disturbances such as anxiety and depression, hypertension, weight issues, memory and concentration.

60-minute phone /Skype Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation: $395

See Phone Consultations for further details.  

Follow-Up Consultations

Follow-up consultations with our physicians may be in-person or by phone.  During these sessions, your progress from the initial consultation will be reviewed and recommendations will be fine-tuned to keep you on the healing path. 

Follow-up 30-minute Consultation: $195

Follow-up 60-minute Consultation: $395

New Integrative Services

New! The Mind-Body Medical Group is now offering the following integrative services from expert practitioners and therapists in their field:

For guests coming to the Chopra Center for other programs and events, this is an opportunity to experience additional healing modalities that can be further explored upon returning home. Local residents in San Diego County can establish an on-going relationship with our providers to create a holistic treatment plan that suits their specific needs. 

To schedule an appointment or learn more, call us today at 760.494.1686.

*The Chopra Center does not have a direct relationship with insurance companies. Upon request, patients may be provided with documentation to submit for possible insurance reimbursement.