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How You Can Play a Role in Preventing Suicide
Suicide is a tragedy. Friends and family may not even be aware their loved one was in pain. Consider these ways to help relieve the stigma of depression and ensure your loved ones find support.

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My Daily Self-Care Routine by Devi Brown, Chopra Global's Chief Impact Officer

Hey there! Devi Brown here. I am Chopra Global’s Chief Impact Officer and for those enjoying the new Chopra app, mine is the voice that shares space with you each day in meditation. Having a daily practice has radically transformed my life, and I am so excited to share some of it with you here now. When we think about building or enhancing our mindfulness routine, it is so important to do things that make us feel good and rest within the four pillars of wholeness, touching on something nourishing for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves.

Devi Brown
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Personal Growth

Stepping Into Your Purpose — Beyond the Doing

Spiritual seekers are often intrigued about why their soul chooses to incarnate on Earth at this time. We may search for your unique skills and talents that we are here to share. All of us can live into our purpose by how we choose to simply be. Our purpose is much more than what we do and create. Here are seven ways in which we can step into our purpose beyond what we “do.”

Parita Shah