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Ask Roger: How to Reside in the Field of Infinite Possibilities
For the Ask Roger column, Roger Gabriel, Chopra’s Chief Meditation Officer, answers questions from our community. If you have a general question for Roger around meditation and spiritual practices, please send an email to, and your question may be one he answers next.

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Teaching Meditation vs. Leading Meditation: Understanding the Difference

Over the last decade, meditation and mindfulness practices have taken the well-being world by storm. In countless research studies, meditation has been proven to be a profound tool to help enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. As a result, the wellness community has been quick to capitalize on meditation’s appeal and make mindfulness and meditation offerings a part of their services. From fitness centers to yoga studios, hospitals, spas, martial arts schools, HR departments, recovery clinics, public and private schools, law enforcement units, branches of the military, and collegiate sports facilities, meditation has become a familiar component in the curriculum. In addition, a wide variety of meditation apps can be downloaded to your mobile device for use on the go.

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